Sending brochures, magazine or reports to your clients has now just got easier, our digital brochure service will cut down your cost of traditional printing,



E Brochures Egypt, your digital brochure provider

sending brochures, magazine or reports to your clients has now just got easier, our digital brochure service will cut down your cost of traditional printing, allows you share your material and publications instantly via email or viewing through your website.

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Digital Publication Features

Mobile Device Support

Integrated support of the new HTML5 standard means that your publications are easily readable on almost any device, ranging from iPhones and Androids, to iPads, Tablets, and E-readers. 

Publication Protection

Protect your publication with several layers of security, from simple passwords and encryption, to restricting them to be displayed only on specific websites.

Offline Version

Distribute your publication as self-running off-line solution. E-Brochures Egypt can create a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file ready to be transferred on to a CD, DVD, flash-drive, or kiosk

Modern Design

Digital publications created by E-Brochures, Egypt offer a professional and a well-crafted look. You can shape and design your publications with several preset skins, as well as various customization tools.


Our brochures offer high-quality magnification features, which allow your readers to zoom in on desired photos and print with exceptional quality. 

Text Search

exclusive indexing and search algorithms make the search process faster, even within very large publications.

Social Networks Sharing

Send publications instantly by e-mail, or share them via popular social networks. You can allow your readers to do the same by adjusting the enabling and disabling features in your publication.

Search Engine Optimization

Publications created by E-Brochures Egypt are search engine-optimized. This means that your content is indexed by all popular search sites, and therefore can be found and accessed quickly by the users. 

Content Editor

Our Digital brochures allow us the flexibility in creating fully-featured rich- media publications containing YouTube videos. And the option of creating and editing links can help by making interactive product catalogs.

Powerful Import

From text to graphics to spreadsheets, E-Brochure Egypt allows you to import Adobe Acrobat PDFs, Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, diagrams, bitmaps and much more. You can format them all into a platform-independent, page-flipping publication.

Skin Editor

E-Brochures Egypt offer a Skin Editor allows you to make extensive adjustments to publication skin features and attributes, including adjustments to very minor details. 

Table Of Contents Editor

We Can help create a multi-level table of contents directly in to your brochure with our user-friendly interface, or import them automatically from PDF documents.

FTP Client

E-Brochures offer a built-in FTP service allows you to upload your publications to your website with just one-click. Enter your login details once and upload publications and revisions instantly. 

Quick Preview

Preview your publication before the upload. See it the way it will be viewed on various popular web devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

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